Please identify which time zone you are in and only take this action before 2 PM if you are in Pacific, before 3 PM if you are in Mountain, before 4 PM if you are in Central, before 5 PM if you are on East Coast, before 1 PM if you are in Alaska and before 12 noon if in Hawaii.  If you are past those times where you live, please book mark this link in your browser or just save this email and please do it tomorrow, as part of this action includes your Federal reps. Thank you!


Dear Friends,

We need to act now to stop the fast track of the current 5G roll out.  Please click on the below red button to use our automated call feature which dials your representatives so you can make your strong opposition to 5G known and send a pre-written email/petition directly to your reps inbox to ask them to please kill 5G before it kills us.  This is NOT alarmist language. This is a factual statement as there is now an enormous volume of science showing cancer, heart attack, neurological illness, genetic damage and a host of lesser ills from pulsed microwave radiation.  However, millimeter wave radiation, which is what 5G will be utilizing, is of higher and even more damaging frequencies, is currently used as a weapon by our military and some police forces for crowd control, is what TSA workers say is causing cancer clusters for those stationed near the scanning machines and has already killed hundreds of birds and other wildlife in areas where it has been turned on in addition to causing nose bleeds, head ache, loss of energy and a whole host of the usual preliminary EMF exposure symptoms in humans, just in the first few days of activation.

If you live in the UK, Australia or Canada, do not click on red button, please scroll to the bottom of this email for your links.

Simply click on the above button, enter your address and phone # and the system will automatically connect you with your local, state and federal representatives so you can tell them why you do not want 5G permeating your air space and ask that they protect you and the environment by stopping this deadly roll out.  When you are done with the calls IT IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT to hit submit and send the pre-written email to their inboxes.  Instructions for all of this will be on the next page when you click the above red button.

Thank you so much for taking the time to take this very important action.  This lethal technology is beginning to be blocked where people are speaking out against it.

Please forward this email and spread on social email when you are finished with the calls and submitting the pre-written letters.  Please use the below link to forward via email, as if you use the link in your browser when you sign, it will not work for your friends because that link is specific to you.

If you live in the UK please CLICK HERE to sign their petition and HERE for their EMF Event

If you live in Australia please CLICK HERE to sign their no 5G Petition

If you live in CANADA please CLICK HERE to sign their no 5G Petition


Special thanks to Julie Levine and Sue Brinchman for their input on the petition.

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